Q: I want to buy the bag NOW- how do I do it?

A: Buy away! Inventory will be landing at the end of August 2018. I will turn this shipment around as quickly as possible



Q: Is this bag weather resistant? What if I want to ride with it in the rain or snow?

A: YES! This leather is water resistant, and there is a full closure watertight pocket on the inside for laptops or important documents. The main compartment is more open, but will hold up to most rain showers. If you use the water/dust fly it will significantly reduce the ware on the bag


Q: How do I clean this bag?

A: Treat these bags the same way you would any other leather briefcase or purse. Leather treatment kits are readily available for purchase and most shoeshines and leather specialists will be able to make these bags shine in no time. These bags will rebound from scratches and buffs with proper care due to their high quality leather construction. Deep scratches might still be visible after oiling/caring for the bag, but this is just added character for your bag.





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