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About Domestique

Domestique Bags was founded by David Wolfson after being told to stop riding his bike to presentations while in graduate school.

“Your backpack is not appropriate for presenting to C-Suite executives,” clients said.

“How did you get a sweat stain through your shirt and your sports coat on the ride in David?” a professor griped.

“What do you mean that your report is wet because it is raining outside. Don’t you live 10 miles away? Why don’t you just drive?” team members lamented.

Sadly the entire world does not understand how the worries of a long day of work melt away at the first turn of a crank, how locking up a bike is so much better than fighting for parking in ever more populated city centers, about how not even the sharpest of double-shot espressos can wake one up like a quick burst of speed going up a hill.

The goal of Domestique is to get the rider to their finish line- be it work or home- in style and with all of their possessions in good order. Like the Domestique rider in the Tour de France, these bags work hard to make you –the star- look good on the road and in the office.

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